José Rehbein

“Austral BIO Challenge has given me the chance to prove to myself and everyone else that the world can be improved. I came looking for support with a work team and an idea in mind and here I found the necessary paths to turn my dreams into reality”.

José RehbeinBorg
Claudia Ibacache

“Participating in Austral BIO Challenge and counting on the support of the Business Incubator Austral Incuba not only in the process of fundraising but also in the acquisition of knowledge have helped us face this challenge in a better way”.

Claudia IbacacheMicroMarine Biotechmicromarine.cl
Ignacio Donoso

“Winning the first Austral BIO Challenge meant an economic boost and especially morale since it is a recognition made by a jury of top-level experts to the work and innovation accomplished. The support of the Business Incubator Austral Incuba has been excellent, because they have opened us their networks and knowledge in areas that we hadn’t developed”.

Ignacio DonosoFrülzfrulz.cl