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Austral Incuba is the business incubator and accelerator of Universidad Austral de Chile. We’ve been impulsing biotechnological and agrotechnological startups from Chile to the world for more than 15 years.

Knowledge of agile methodologies for product and skills development of our team, allows us to create professional startups that are able to solve real challenges of industry and society. We focus on Go-to-market, Product-Market-Fit and Growth Hacking to escalate and internationalize the startups of our portfolio.

Innovation is in our DNA, which allows us to manage innovation processes, confront open innovation challenges, and create innovation culture in industries and organizations that are faced with new challenges of digitalization and digital transformation, creating more opportunities of growth and positioning.

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Accelerate the growth and development of your startup through our escalating and internationalizing programs. Innovate and validate through the challenges of applied innovation for big enterprises of the Biotech, Foodtech and Agrotech industry.

Patrocinios Corfo

Si tienes una idea o un emprendimiento en marcha y planeas postular a un instrumento de financiamiento SSAF, PRAE, Semilla Inicia, Semilla Expande, Crea y Valida u otro, podemos brindarte soporte y apoyo, junto con potenciar su ejecución.


Realizamos procesos de gestión de innovación, evaluación y estudio de factibilidad de oportunidades de negocios, y programas de fortalecimiento de cultura e innovación, con un equipo humano especializado y con experiencia.


Digitaliza tu PYME con un programa de transformación digital a través de tecnologías, herramientas y plataformas, junto con la formación necesaria para una ágil implementación.

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2nd Best Portfolio Valuation
Public and Private Capital raised


Our team’s insights

Francisco Valencia

‘I strongly believe that innovation is the key to diminish the differences and social inequity’

Ricardo Icarte

Director de Innovación y Transformación Digital
‘My biggest challenge is to educate a lot of startups so that they turn into professional innovators.’

Paola Alvarado

Coordinadora de Área Financiera
‘Entrepreneurship is one of my biggest motivations, as it is to support, and guide entrepreneurs so they handle their financial and technical areas’

Rodrigo Merino

Director de Innovación Austral Incuba Patagonia
‘It motivates me that in Austral Incuba we are a real contribution to the development of the south and austral area, activating innovation and technology as tools to a sustainable change for people.’

José Luis Torres

Coordinador de área Técnica
‘I love having direct contact with entrepreneurs and the whole entrepreneur ecosystem, helping with my knowledge in the ‘step by step’ of projects.’

Nadia Paillalef

Gestora de Finanzas
‘We contribute so that entrepreneurships accomplish their dreams and have a positive economic impact in Chile.’

Franco Toneatti

Gestor de Innovación
‘I am convinced that we can be better, and that innovation in addition to applied sciences to entrepreneurship is the way to go.’

Claudio Pérez

Gestor de Negocios
‘The fact of being learning still, day by day with entrepreneurs and the team of Austral Incuba is very exciting, and it motivates me to keep going.’

Loreto Valenzuela

Loreto Valenzuela - Periodista
‘My purpose is to develop digital contents that give value and help to impulse the startups of the whole region.’

Mónica Mella

Secretaria Ejecutiva
‘It motivates me to collaborate and help external and internal clients in the achievement of their objectives, being the area of entrepreneurship and innovation a challenge in which it is worth being into.’
Meet our

Investors Committee

Armin Kunstmann T.
Founder and President. Cía.
Cervercera Kunstmann S.A.
Anette Krohn
ENDEAVOR Patagonia
Pablo Avendaño H.
Founder and President. Cía.
Cervercera Kunstmann S.A.
David Fonseca
VP of Global Development
Velocity TX, USA
Markus Schreyer
CEO and Founder.
Ganesha Lab
Raúl del Castillo
President EFT Group
Director Fond LIFT
Juan Carlos Miranda
Dean Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences UACh.
Hanss Kossmann P.
Executive Director of Trapananda Inversiones Ltda. Director ASENAV
Marcela Wulf
Sub-manager of Public Affairs. ARAUCO
Marcos Rozas S.
General Manager.
Pathovet Ltda.
Mónica Raddatz T.
Director at Finances.
Germán Rehren Scweppe.
Director at Development and Innovation VIDCA UACh.
Egon Simon R.
Ex General Manager
Patagonia Donuts.
Dieter Uslar
Sub-manager in Cooperate Relations COLUN.
Richard Kosman
Technological Broker. Ex TTO Director Albert Einstein College of Medicine NYC.

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